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Welcome to my personal page! I am thrilled to be working in the real estate industry with my husband and partner, Mike Robert. I learned a lot from his experiences in the past 25 years about Real Estate when I would ask “How was your day, Dear?”

But, despite the “heads up from Mike”, there was no better learning experience for me than to be in the trenches so that I could really appreciate both the highs and the lows of this really unique business. And if there is one thing that I’ve learned in this industry, it is this: The real estate business is constantly changing and evolving to ensure that buying and selling real estate is as convenient as possible for the client.

And despite all of the technology available to everyone, there are many potential homebuyers and sellers that don’t know where to begin - and I hear it everyday. Direction from a trustworthy Realtor is what they look for and what I am happy to provide.


I have spent all but one year of my entire life living in the Cedar Valley. I know it well. After high school, I immediately began working for John Deere. I was promoted to several different positions through the years and in different departments, gaining immeasurable experience in both factory and office environments.

After some years at John Deere, I moved on to other opportunities, including playing an important role at the Isle Casino Hotel when it first opened. I was in the Marketing/Events department, where every day was something new, fun and exciting. I found that I gravitated towards the senior population there and felt that I must do something with them.

It was a fluke that I met a lady whose business was assisting senior citizens in their decision to relocate when they felt it was time to downsize their lifestyle. In this position, I truly felt like I was helping, which was very rewarding. After some experience in that business, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to again help seniors -- only this time it was involvement with a new construction project in Cedar Falls, called the Village Cooperative. I successfully sold out the entire building. The first year I was essentially selling air, so I am very proud of that accomplishment.

My husband, Mike, and I have raised 2 daughters, who are the pride and joy of our lives. We wanted to be around for them as much as possible while they were growing up, and when our first daughter started school, Mike decided to go into real estate. This meant that he could work around their busy after school activities so as not to ever miss anything in which they were involved. I was fully supportive of this challenging move, and I have learned much about the business over the years from his experiences. Now our girls are on their own and finding their way in the world.

As empty nesters, we have decided that it would be an excellent time for us to team up in real estate and give twice the service that one can give working alone. So, whether you hire me or Mike to be your agent, we want you to know that you will get our team efforts in accomplishing your goals, and we look forward to doing just that!

Give me a call or text anytime to begin your journey, whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner and together, we’ll make it happen!!! Thank you.