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Mike comes from a long line of successful businessmen in the Cedar Valley.  His grandfather and father both owned and operated their own independent stores. Mike worked in the family businesses and by doing that, he gained his background in how to create and keep good customers and form great relationships with them.

Today, as one of the leading real estate brokers in this area, he is co-owner of Garris Robert Realtors. His business has been built by providing complete commitment to excellence, personalized service and unwavering dedication to the success of his clients. He appreciates their loyalty and enjoys the challenges of ensuring their satisfaction.

But it doesn’t end there. He understands that his success in part, comes from his ability to inspire his entire staff to perform at their best, which affects the positive opinion that people in this area have of Garris Robert Realtors.

In 2013, Mike’s wife, Diane, joined the company as an agent. She has her own page on this site. They work together in most transactions, thereby maximizing the buying and selling experience for their clients.

Mike’s hobbies include most sports and the restoration and collecting of automobiles, bicycles and related items. Mike likes to incorporate classic cars in his business. Mike’s sincere drive to meet your real estate needs means he is always focused on your best interest. When you work with Mike, you have his years of expertise guiding you through every phase of the transaction..